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(Offered YEAR-ROUND)

A 45-minute mom-focused total body workout. Leave the kid(s) at home and join the fun in this energetic workout just for YOU. Moms at any stage of motherhood are welcome, from new moms to grandmas! We’ll concentrate on muscle conditioning and interval training to strengthen your body and mind and to improve your overall health and well-being. Exercises are modified to fit the needs of any woman. Let’s focus this time on YOU, so you can be the best version of yourself!


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Don't feel like being outside? Get the same great workout in the comfort of your own living room, basement, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever you have a bit of space! Grab some weights, soup cans, or water bottles for some resistance and hop online for a killer workout. Don't have weights? No problem! You can do it without equipment as well. Just hop on zoom and we'll be ready to guide you through a 30-minute OR 45-minute live strength, cardio, and core workout  See ya online!




A 45-60 minute total-body workout for moms with kiddies in strollers. Each class incorporates cardio, strength, and core workouts while your kids stay entertained by songs, bubbles, and your fantastic squat. We’ll walk, run, and incorporate the stroller into fun exercises. Worried that you’ll need to change a diaper, feed, or soothe your little one? No problem! And no judgements here. (We’ve done it too!) This class provides a safe, fun, supportive environment so you can workout AND tend to your little ones if needed. You never know, you may even make a new mom friend!



OUTDOORS : Year-round
INDOORS : Nov. - Apr.

The Squad Workout is a co-ed workout designed to make you fit in a fun, supportive environment. Class runs up to 60 minutes and includes a full body workout. We'll focus on cardio, core, and strength to make your whole body and mind feel great! So grab your mat and water bottle and I'll see ya at class!

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The Mom and Babywearing Workout is a fun indoor workout that lets you cuddle your littles ones while getting your sweat on! Classes include core and floor work with babies out of the carrier as well as a fun strength and cardio section while wearing your babies. There is no age limit for babies, as long as every participant can wear their baby safely and  comfortably. Please bring a structured carrier vs a sling or a wrap.

See you and your little one in class!

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