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Our TOP 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

No matter how busy you are. you can turn fitness into an everyday lifestyle. Check out my 5 tips to keep you motivated! 1. Pick Something You Like.. Choosing an enjoyable workout is far better for turning exercise into a routine than doing something that you hate. Pick something that you WANT to do. Something that makes you happy. 2. Make it Non-Negotiable. Set an alarm. Make it a habit. The more it becomes part of your normal weekly routine, the more you will feel motivated to do it, 3. Forget How Good It Is For Your Health. Everyone knows that working out is great for you health. So think about how good you feel as you're working out or right after the workout. That feel good feeling is the best! Let those endorphins kick in! 4. Meet a Friend for Cardio, not Coffee. Keep yourself accountable by meeting a friend for a weekly workout. No one wants to disappoint a friend who's counting on them to to make it to the class. 5. Use a Fitness Tracker: Some people find wearing a fitness tracker helps them meet their fitness goals. Whether it be step counting, heart rate monitoring or real-time calorie burning, use the tracker to help monitor your workouts. Check for improvements every week. Come make fitness a part of your lifestyle! Check out for classes and times or msg us to get started. We can't wait to meet you!

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