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Our TOP 5 Ways to Exercise in the Fall

Trying to figure out how to keep fit in the fall? Check out our top 5 activities below!


Walking is a great way to get in an autumn workout and enjoy the changing leaves. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or at one of your local parks. Head to a nearby farm for apple picking, corn mazes, and lots of apple cider. Oh, and don't forget to walk to your closest coffee shop for everything pumpkin spice!


With the cooler air and the leave changing colors to red, orange, and yellow, it's a perfect time to head out on your bike and enjoy the fall scenery.


You should definitely take a hike this fall! Not only are you getting outside and enjoying the beauty of fall, but you’re also getting a great workout in! You’ll kick up your cardio and work some major muscles groups—glutes, hamstrings quads, calf muscles, and feet.


Fall is the BEST time to run outdoors! It’s not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!


Grab your family and start a game of soccer, football, basketball, or any other activity you love! Playing a sport with your friends and family is a great way to get outside and work out without feeling like you’re exercising If sport isn't your thing, grab a friend and head to a Squad Fitness outdoor group fitness class!

Finding the motivation to exercise outside can get a lot more difficult when the weather gets chilly , so having a friend/group to do it with is a lot more fun and motivating. Our 45-minute workouts are designed to get your heart rate up and give you the opportunity to socialize with your friends! So come join us! We welcome you with open arms

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