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3 Reasons to participate in a Squad Fitness Outdoor WINTER Workout

The temperatures may have dropped, but don't let that deter you from working out outside. Here are 3 reasons to keep you coming back for more (even in the winter!)

1) Social Time

The feeling of being part of something bigger and the camaraderie forged in group fitness classes is something that quite simply can’t be replicated. Squad Fitness classes exude positivity, and serve as a welcome invitation for people of all different ages, backgrounds, and ability levels to come together in one inclusive environment. The ability to hold each other accountable and be in a judgement free space is the best way to improve your mood and get your energy up!

2) Completely Safe

Well ventilated spaces are key to keeping dust, and airborne illnesses at bay. There is no better ventilated space than outside! All of our workouts are outside, so you can feel safe knowing that you are always breathing in fresh air.

3) Easier Than Going To The Gym

Why put on all those winter layers to walk/drive to the gym if you are just going to take them off when you get inside. With our outdoor workouts, the layers stay on and only come off if you are feeling a bit warm. Way easier than putting on and taking off those clothes to go in and out of a gym. Also, with restrictions in place and capacity limits for indoor spaces, you may never know if you can get a workout in at your own time. When you show up for our outdoor classes, you know you will be getting your workout in no matter what!

So come on by and try one of our outdoor classes. I promise to keep you warm and smiling the whole time! See ya outdoors!

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